Affordable Website Design for Small Businesses

Affordable Website Design for Small Businesses

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Affordable Websites

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Small Business Websites need to be affordable. I started this company to offer the same quality of service you expect from large design firms, at freelance prices. I am confident that I can build a website for your business at any budget level.

Pride Tech Design websites cost from $250 to $800 while the industry average is $5000 to $10000

Every site I build is mobile-ready, and cross-browser tested. I use the latest technologies and I build each website from code to be unique to your brand with maximum efficiency.

Support & Care

When you hire Pride Tech Design you receive personal care and support. I offer low-cost annual maintenance plans because I believe preventing disasters helps my clients which in turn helps me.

I will communicate frequently with you during the design and development phases, to be certain that the project is on track with your expectations. On delivery you will receive 4 free hours of support good for 90 days.

Contact Me Today!

Pride Tech Design offers the lowest prices, with the highest quality of service nationwide. I give you prices that large firms can’t match, and service quality that most freelance developers will not provide. I care about you and the success of your business. You can browse the menu at the top of this page to read more about the services I offer, or contact me using the form below to get a quote for service.

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